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Technical Cooperation Highlights

As the regional arm of the United Nations, ESCAP promotes cooperation among countries in pursuit of solutions to sustainable development challenges across the Asia-Pacific region. ESCAP's support to its member States is multifaceted, and includes action-oriented knowledge, technical assistance, and capacity-building services that support national development objectives, regional agreements and the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The biennial Technical Cooperation Highlights publication series tells the story of how ESCAP, drawing on over 75 years of regional cooperation and partnerships, has supported its member States work towards the dual and interrelated objectives of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals while also responding to emerging global crises.

The report series showcases selected success stories and results delivered in collaboration with a wide range of partners, including the member States, United Nations entities, international development banks, international and regional organizations, think tanks, research institutes, civil society organizations and the private philanthropies and entities.