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“These charcoal waffles are FABULOUS! I have a daughter who cannot eat gluten so we are always on the lookout for great products. I met Katinka at a wellness event and brought a bag home for my daughter. When I saw her taking photos of the waffles (and asking me to buy more), I knew we had a winner. As a mom who is concerned with nutrition and teaching my kids healthy habits, I feel like we can now all enjoy a waffle morning and also feel good all day. Thank you for making this amazing blend!!” – Charcoal Waffles

Elena Gormley

“Deliciousness and feel good/clean eating…it doesn’t get much better than that! Katinka’s pretzels are simply amazing!” – Better than Pretzel / Bagel


“I’m obsessed with this chickpea bread. Who would have thought that something so delicious can be guilt free and healthy? I love eating it with avocado or with just butter, cheese and tomatoes. Another big plus – I’m always on the go with very little to no time to cook or bake so I was delighted to see how it easy it is to make the bread.” – Chickpea Bread


“Absolutely delicious! This is by far the best gluten free (and better yet-grain free!) bread I’ve ever tasted! My kids love to help make the dough and watch it rise in the oven. Better Than Whole Wheat comes out with a perfect taste and texture every time. I love feeling confident that my family is eating nutritious bread while also supporting a local small business. Thank you Katinka!” – Better than Whole Wheat

Lynn Strong

“Katinka’s chickpea bread was the perfect addition to our family meals. Everything about this bread was fantastic! First: The bread comes in a beautifully designed bag that is also the perfect size to store leftovers in (how clever!). Second: The recipe to make this new family favorite is so easy to follow that my 4 and 2 year-olds did almost all the work! Third: The bread smells amazing during the baking process which filled our home with happy anticipation. Last, but not least: the finished product disappeared from everyone’s plates within seconds! This mama was very proud that this healthy and delicious bread made it to our menu. Highly recommend!” – Chickpea Bread

Eszter Major-Rohrer

Radiantly Healthy

Formulated by a Culinary Nutrition Expert, these blends are created for optimum nutrition with the highest quality, organic ingredients.

Super Delicious

“Wow, ah-mazing!! Is this REALLY grain-free?”
A common reaction I get from kids & adults alike at the sampling table.

So Simple to Make

Proofed for all kitchen skill levels. If you can read (or be read to), you can make it – like my 3 year old!


Meet Katinka

Katinka’s Nourishing Kitchen is a baking flour blend company, founded by a Culinary Nutrition Expert.

All blends are not just gluten free, but also grain free, organic, and made with love from the purest ingredients for optimal nutrition.

Yes, I said optimal nutrition – even from breads, waffles and buns! The blends are high in protein and fiber, are super simple to make (oh, the scent of that freshly made bread in your kitchen), and so delicious. While all this sounds overly healthy, your non-healthnut friends and family will enjoy them too! Perfect for little ones – easy to eat and nutrient dense.

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