Thriving Baby


Thriving Baby

You got out of the hospital / the midwife and doula left your house and reality sets in. We have a baby! A living, breathing, beautiful, tiny little human being (a true miracle!) that needs your attention, that you need to take care of.

If you are first-time parents you might not even know where to begin… While you figure that out – but ideally before, while baby is still tucked in and you have a bit of a longer attention span – I am here to help with the nourishment side of things!

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My packages are for you if:

You want nourish yourself at the optimum level, but need a little  inspiration and would enjoy my personal support on:

  • Achieving optimum nourishment on various levels
  • Learning about tips and tricks to upgrade and clean up your lifestyle to enjoy an empowered birth and a faster recovery
  • Gaining basic culinary nutrition knowledge
  • Adding superfoods to your diet
  • Trying new, flavorful and recipes carefully crafted for breastfeeding and mom’s nourishment
  • Exploring super practical meal plans
  • Eating clean: naturally gluten and dairy free
  • Managing postpartum symptoms naturally – through nutrition


How can I help you?

Postpartum is a strange, quite crazy period in a woman’s life. You are super happy about your baby, but you miss your belly. Your hormones can drive you crazy. You don’t sleep. You keep listening to be sure your baby is breathing even when you could sleep a little instead. You can suffer from baby blues, hemorrhoids, tearing, etc.

And in the midst of all this you need to figure out how to:

  • Heal and recover from birth
  • Feed your baby – if breastfeeding is your choice: what to eat to boost your supply and to nourish your baby on an optimum level, while it keeping your own nutrient levels stable
  • Maintain your energy levels and mood

You could also find out that your baby has tummy problems so you need to:

  • Cut out the main allergens from your diet
  • Eat a balanced and frequent meals that support your milk supply.

I’ve found that these are just a few of the things new moms are not really prepared for. No one really talks about these elements of life after giving birth to set your expectations. This is why I am here to support you through these times – ideally by preparing for this potentially challenging time before your baby is in your arms.

My Thriving Baby packages first and foremost focus on YOU, because you are the number one caregiver. If you are happy and content, baby is happy and content. Then, when baby (baby’s gut flora) is ready we can start talking about Nourishment for your Baby.

The Nourished New Mommy*

*This package builds on the knowledge you gained through my Vibrant Pregnancy offering.


  • Two-hour consult with a built-in mini cooking class
  • 12 vegan, gluten free muffins / 4 generous portions of vegan, gluten free soup to take home
  • Recipe ideas and 4 energy boosting, lactation supporting, simple recipes
  • Handouts on various nutrition and lifestyle topics
  • Detailed supplement guide


The Super Nourished New Mommy


  • Six hours worth of private sessions with me that can be used as needed to fit your needs:
    • Further nutrition and lifestyle counseling
    • Private cooking classes in two hour increments to fill up your fridge for the “fourth trimester”.
  • If you choose private cooking sessions we can do two complete meals – 4 servings each – per two-hour session. (I share the recipe in advance so that you can procure the ingredients)


The Pampered Mommy’s Nourishment Basket

I gathered the items I would have loved to have on my bed side after giving birth and pulled them together in a beautiful gift basket for you. All the items are carefully selected to meet your needs as a new mom – nourishing, healing, replenishing – and crafted for you with love.


  • Homemade herbal concoctions
  • Gourmet food items supporting your wellbeing
  • Various homemade, milk stimulating organic foods carefully crafted specifically for a New Mom’s nutritional needs
  • I also thought about your new bundle of joy – even though he/she won’t need that much clean, harmful chemical and toxin free baby products are essential.


The Nourished Baby


  • Two-hour consult with a built-in mini cooking class – all about first foods to build a strong foundation of health
    do’s and don’t’s, essential nutrients, practical tips and way more
  • Organic baby food to take home
  • Recipe ideas for you and baby
  • Handouts on various nutrition and lifestyle topics


“These charcoal waffles are FABULOUS! I have a daughter who cannot eat gluten so we are always on the lookout for great products. I met Katinka at a wellness event and brought a bag home for my daughter. When I saw her taking photos of the waffles (and asking me to buy more), I knew we had a winner. As a mom who is concerned with nutrition and teaching my kids healthy habits, I feel like we can now all enjoy a waffle morning and also feel good all day. Thank you for making this amazing blend!!” – Charcoal Waffles

Elena Gormley

“Deliciousness and feel good/clean eating…it doesn’t get much better than that! Katinka’s pretzels are simply amazing!” – Better than Pretzel / Bagel


“I’m obsessed with this chickpea bread. Who would have thought that something so delicious can be guilt free and healthy? I love eating it with avocado or with just butter, cheese and tomatoes. Another big plus – I’m always on the go with very little to no time to cook or bake so I was delighted to see how it easy it is to make the bread.” – Chickpea Bread


“Absolutely delicious! This is by far the best gluten free (and better yet-grain free!) bread I’ve ever tasted! My kids love to help make the dough and watch it rise in the oven. Better Than Whole Wheat comes out with a perfect taste and texture every time. I love feeling confident that my family is eating nutritious bread while also supporting a local small business. Thank you Katinka!” – Better than Whole Wheat

Lynn Strong

“Katinka’s chickpea bread was the perfect addition to our family meals. Everything about this bread was fantastic! First: The bread comes in a beautifully designed bag that is also the perfect size to store leftovers in (how clever!). Second: The recipe to make this new family favorite is so easy to follow that my 4 and 2 year-olds did almost all the work! Third: The bread smells amazing during the baking process which filled our home with happy anticipation. Last, but not least: the finished product disappeared from everyone’s plates within seconds! This mama was very proud that this healthy and delicious bread made it to our menu. Highly recommend!” – Chickpea Bread

Eszter Major-Rohrer