Squash and Pumpkin Heaven


I love the variety of squash I find at the farmers markets and grocery stores during this time of the year… acorn, kabocha, butternut, spaghetti, delicata, buttercup and of course the various pumpkins. All of these together are called winter squash. Did you know that you can create a whole long list of deeply nourishing and satiating meals from these wonderful fruits?

Soups, veggie bowls, side dishes, pastas, pancakes, soaked oats… just to list a few. And all recipes start with: Roast up a squash / pumpkin. Easy enough, right? And very affordable too!

For this Squash and More e-book I created a handful (9 to be exact) recipes that covers the entire spectrum: from breakfast to dinner. Simple, quick and nutritious!


Besides the squash recipes I also added awesome bonuses for you: recipes using kale, cabbages and carrots from our seasonal veggie extravaganza:

  • two flavorful kale salads – not just to pop some color but give you raw goodness and health (and milky!) boosting benefits
  • two condiments / dressings that match perfectly the earthy favors of the Fall and Winter and you can get creative with
  • fermentation basics making your own sauerkraut and pickled carrots – for optimal gut health during the holidays – that also serve as a delicious condiment.


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