Gluten Free Holiday Brunch Bundle


Re-create your (baked goods based) brunch staples from these two organic, nourishing, all allergen free baking flour blends. I guarantee it will be delicious!

Included in the bundle:

  • Chickpea Bread blend
  • Collagen Chickpea Bread blend
  • Recipe card
  • A special link to the recipes you can make from these blends


Please note that due to the Collagen this is the only bundle that is not vegan. The Chickpea Bread can be made vegan with JUST eggs.


You will get recipes to make these meals from the blends:

Chickpea Bread blend:

  • 9 large Waffles OR
  • 12 Pancakes OR
  • 9×13 Ham and Cheese Casserole OR
  • loaf of Chickpea or Cranberry-Rosemary Chickpea Bread


Collagen Chickpea Bread blend:

  • one Sweet and one Savory (veggie) bread pudding OR
  • Savory muffins OR
  • loaf of Collagen Chickpea or Collagen Cranberry-Rosemary Chickpea Bread


Chickpea Bread
Chickpea Bread
Collagen Chickpea Bread
Collagen Chickpea Bread


Chickpea Bread:

Chickpea flour*, Tapioca flour*, Chia seeds*, Ground Flax seeds*, Grain free Baking powder, Himalayan salt


Collagen Chickpea Bread:

Chickpea flour*, Pasture raised Multi-Collagen, Tapioca flour*, Chia seeds*, Ground Flax seeds*, Baking powder, Himalayan salt

*marks organic ingredients


Allergy Statement: The product is made in facility that is CLEAN from all key allergens.

The NO NO list

NO Gluten

NO Grain

NO Nuts

NO Dairy

NO Soy



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