Collagen Chickpea Bread Subscription

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Talk about a superfood bread! Is it possible? Yes it is, and this blend is definitely it!

Low carb (7 grams of net carbs per slice), super high protein (8 grams per slice) content and all the amazing healing and health boosting benefits of multi-collagen – all baked into a moist, super delicious loaf of bread.



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This blend is the superfood boosted sister of my original Chickpea bread. The ingredients are very similar, but this one has 1/2 cup (!!) of one of the best quality multi-collagen included in the blend. This makes the consistency a bit cake-ier and more crumbly, lowers carbs to net 8 grams, and amps protein up to 7 grams per slice! Many taste testers told me they like the consistency and favor it even more than the original one. Be the judge! And feel no guilt! Low carb, loads of protein and flavor!


The multi-collagen powder I use is called multi-collagen because the collagen is sourced from different animals, so you get four food sources and 5 types of collagen (I, II, III, V, X): grass fed pasture raised beef, wild-caught snapper, eggs and cage free chicken.
This is my only product that is not vegan. You can certainly make it with the product called JUST egg to make it egg free, however the collagen is derived from animals.


Yes, it is keto! – depending on how much carbs you allocate for a meal.


The whole bag makes one 5×7 inch loaf, yielding about 16 slices of deeply nourishing and satiating goodness. You probably won’t be able to consume more than two slices as they are so filling. They will bring you a wonderful balance of Fat, Fiber and Protein, which are the three key building blocks to a satisfying meal that will maintain a nice a stable blood sugar for you, avoiding sugar/insulin spikes and crashes.


Super easy to prepare and can be enjoyed by most of your family members with various dietary choices. See recipes under the recipe tab or Recipes page.


Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can dress your goodness all different ways for a balanced meal:
  • breakfast toast with avocado & egg
  • European breakfast with nitrate-free deli and goat cheese with fresh cucumbers / tomatoes / peppers
  • French toast
  • soup and a slice of bread for lunch
  • salad with toasted bread crumbles
  • waffle with jam for your sweet tooth child’s lunch box
  • sandwich of your choice
  • hot pressed panini – we like it from thinner slices
  • dip it into extra virgin olive oil as an app or a satiating snack
  • sweet little something with butter / ghee and unfiltered honey
As an added bonus they freeze really well. Just toast a slice or pancake in your toaster or in a cast iron pan on your stove (this is our favorite way) and you have a beautiful breakfast ready to be dressed up.


Some of the benefits of the Collagen Chickpea Bread blend:
  • Amazing source of protein
  • Dietary fiber supports a healthy digestion
  • Low Carb
  • Supports weight loss
  • Helps with lowering inflammation
  • Fosters blood sugar balance
  • Keeps you full and happy
  • Kid- and husband-approved
  • Supports muscle, hair, & skin health
  • Supports healing of gut lining



Chickpea flour*, Grass fed pasture raised collagen, Tapioca flour*, Chia seeds*, Ground Flax seeds*, Baking powder, Himalayan salt

*marks organic ingredients

Allergy Statement: The product is made in an area that is CLEAN from all key allergens.

The NO NO list

NO Gluten
NO Grains
NO Nuts
NO Dairy
NO Soy
NO Sugars – at all!
NO Extracts
NO Lecithins / Gums
NO Preservatives
NOthing Artificial


Same as Chickpea Bread.


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