Better Than Whole Wheat

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Your classic whole wheat bread just got better – so much better! Very similar flavor and consistency, but without harmful chemicals, fillers, or preservatives. It’s a little sweet, a little earthy, and contains only real, clean goodness: protein and fiber-rich chickpeas with nutrient-dense sweet potato flour, gut-friendly psyllium husk, and flax and chia seeds.


Organic, grain- and all allergen-free, low glycemic, keto (7 grams of net carbs per slice) and it can be made vegan with a product called JUST egg.


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Enjoy the benefits of protein and fiber-rich chickpeas while savoring your usual whole wheat bread creation – shall that be a sandwich, an open-face melt, a grilled cheese, a soup garnish or your fave PB&J. Although I use a copious amount of organic chickpea flour to create this blend (to provide you with a nutrient-dense baked good), most people wouldn’t even detect it is baked from chickpeas. They notice a lovely flavor and a wonderful consistency that goes well with either a sweet or a savory topping. It tastes a little sweet and a little earthy from the sweet potato flour and a bit more dense from the psyllium husk. Still only 8 clean ingredients in the bag!
It makes the perfect PB&J and you will love it for a hearty sandwich.
Better than Whole Wheat is low carb (7g or net carbs net slice) and nutrient-dense. We make bread or buns from it and are excited to hear about your creations!
A bag makes one 5×7 loaf or 9 smaller buns. If we don’t have time to wait 90 mins for the bread to bake or don’t want to use up the whole blend, we whip up beautiful warm buns in 30 minutes.
Super easy to prepare and can be enjoyed by most of your family members with various dietary choices. See recipes under the recipe tab or Recipes page.
Whatever baked good you choose to create from it, they will be not only deeply nourishing but satiating too. You probably won’t be able to consume more than two slices as they are so filling. They will bring you a wonderful balance of Fat, Fiber and Protein, which are the three key building blocks to a satisfying meal that will maintain stable blood sugar for you, avoiding sugar/insulin spikes and crashes.
Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can dress your goodness all different ways for a balanced meal:
  • breakfast toast with avocado & egg
  • peanut / almond butter and jam / unfiltered honey
  • European breakfast with nitrate-free deli meat and goat cheese with fresh cucumbers / tomatoes / peppers
  • French toast
  • soup and a slice of bread / bun for lunch
  • salad with toasted bread crumbles
  • sandwich of your choice
  • hot pressed panini – we like it from thinner slices
  • dip it into extra virgin olive oil as an app or a satiating snack
  • sweet little something with butter / ghee and unfiltered honey
As an added bonus they freeze really well. Just toast a slice or bun in your toaster or in a cast iron pan on your stove (this is our favorite way) and you have a beautiful breakfast ready to be dressed up.
Some of the benefits of the Better than Whole Wheat Bread blend:
  • Great source of protein
  • Dietary fiber supports a healthy digestion
  • Low Carb (7g of net carbs net slice)
  • Supports weight loss
  • Helps with lowering inflammation
  • Fosters blood sugar balance
  • Keeps you full and happy
  • Kid- and husband-approved



Chickpea flour*, Sweet potato flour*, Psyllium husk powder*, Tapioca flour*, Chia seeds*, Ground Flax seeds*, Baking powder, Himalayan salt*

*marks organic ingredients

Allergy Statement: The product is made in an area that is CLEAN from all key allergens.

The NO NO list

NO Gluten
NO Grains
NO Nuts
NO Dairy
NO Soy
NO Sugars – at all!
NO Extracts
NO Lecithins / Gums
NO Preservatives
NOthing Artificial



8 reviews for Better Than Whole Wheat

  1. Lyndsey Sutherland

    This bread is delicious!!! It’s wonderful to have an alternative for my kids who are grain free. It is delicious and easy to make! I even used a vegan egg alternative and it was still perfect! Thank you Katinka!

  2. Lynn Strong

    Absolutely delicious! This is by far the best gluten free (and better yet-grain free!) bread I’ve ever tasted! My kids love to help make the dough and watch it rise in the oven. Better Than Whole Wheat comes out with a perfect taste and texture every time. I love feeling confident that my family is eating nutritious bread while also supporting a local small business. Thank you Katinka!

  3. Kelsey

    This one is my favorite!! It is the closest gluten free (and especially grain free) to a wheat bread I have ever tasted. Katinka makes the prep quick and simple and it comes out beautiful! I can’t rave enough about it.

  4. Christa Beaton (verified owner)

    We LOVE this bread! It’s delicious, the whole family loves it, and it is foolproof and simple to make!

    • Katinka Bencs

      I am so glad to hear that the whole family loves it! It makes me truly happy when family members with food sensitivities can enjoy the same goodies as the rest of the family!

  5. Grace (verified owner)

    We love this bread! It comes out crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. My partner has celiac, so having a bread we both love is such a treat! And it’s SO easy to make!

    • Katinka Bencs

      I am so happy to hear that you found a bread you can enjoy together and bake up on a whim! 🙂

  6. S. Lindsay

    Just like the name says, this bread really is better than whole wheat (or any other conventional bread, for that matter). A favorite in our house for veggie sandwiches and a side to soups and salads. So delicious.

    • Katinka Bencs

      Thank you for your stellar review! We love it here with soups too! 🙂

  7. Beth Nydick

    I made French toast!! I MADE FRENCH TOAST!! I am so happy with all of Katinka’s products. You can tell she makes them with complete love and dedication. Watch out for this brand, it’s going to explode!!

    • Katinka Bencs

      Yippi yay!!! I am so so happy for you and beyond excited about your Joy!! Thank you for your kind words!

  8. Stephanie

    A new favorite. I love whole wheat bread but the gluten does me in and this is the perfect everyday bread substitue. Such a treat to know this exists!

    • Katinka Bencs

      Yay!! This is exactly why I do what I do – giving people back healthy alternatives to foods they don’t choose to consume anymore. So happy to hear about this success!

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