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The name says it all! It tastes and feels just like her unhealthy evil twin, your regular soft pretzel, but without the gluten, grain, fillers, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. It is the cleanest pretzel on the market! The samples for this product run out the fastest at my all Farmers Markets and light up everyone’s eyes as they try it.


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This Pretzel is an absolute crowd pleaser. It might even taste better than the real thing that’s full of gluten and processed stuff!
The most impressive feedback we got for our Pretzels was from a gentlemen from a little town in Pennsylvania, the birthplace of soft pretzels. He said: “It tastes just like the real deal! I would have never thought that clean tastes this good!!”


They are more of a treat than a staple (as long as you are concerned about carbs because they contain less protein and more carbs then our precisely nutritionally balanced breads), yet still easier on your digestion due to being grain-free and containing only the purest, organic ingredients.
A bag will yield 10 smaller pretzels or 9 smaller bagels. They taste best when fresh so we recommend making only as many as you will eat/freeze right away. You can see ratios for smaller portions under the recipe tab on this page or Recipes page. The dough will be fresh in your fridge for about 3 days, so if you wish you can make the whole bag and bake your fresh goodies a few days apart.

They are much easier to make than you think! There is just a simple added step: after shaping the pretzels, you need to boil them to seal in the moisture – just like real bagels are made! – and then bake it. It is a simple, yet super fun little project. My 4 year old definitely loves helping me.

Best ways to enjoy it? Well, this is our take on it:

  • pretzels just as it is ????
  • pretzels with a cheese / cashew cheese sauce / mustard
  • pretzel sandwich – Katinka’s favorite!!
  • bagel with cream cheese / goat cheese and salmon
  • bagel with butter / ghee / hummus, cucumbers, fresh sprouts



Cassava Flour*, Tapioca flour*,  Baking powder, Himalayan salt*

*marks organic ingredients

Allergy Statement: The product is made in an area that is CLEAN from all key allergens.


The NO NO list

NO Gluten
NO Grains
NO Nuts
NO Dairy
NO Soy
NO Sugars – at all!
NO Extracts
NO Lecithins / Gums
NO Preservatives
NOthing Artificial


Bagels and Tortillas to come!

13 reviews for Better Than Pretzel / Bagel

  1. Eszter Major-Rohrer

    Our family’s go to snack have been freshly baked pretzels for a long time. I was always hesitant to buy them frozen because of the lengthy ingredient list. I tried to make some myself, but they just never turned out that great. When I ordered the Katinka’s Better Than Pretzel mix, I knew I was in for a treat. The pretzels came in a beautiful package, the preparation was straight forward, and oh, the smell of freshly made goodies so good! I made 10 pretzels for our family of 4, and we ate it all in one sitting! I think we have a new family favorite! Healthy, good-for-you ingredients that my little ones, and my pretzel-expert husband loved too. Definitely a must try!

  2. Amy Gendron

    These are delicious and unlike other pretzels they actually fill you! So great!!

  3. Mackenzie Weise

    Deliciousness and feel good/clean eating…it doesn’t get much better than that! Katinka’s pretzels are simply amazing!

  4. Kelsey

    This is the most fun you can have with grain-free anything. My kids and I love to blend, form, and bake the pretzels. We especially love to eat them… with some sea salt and a spot of mustard! These will make everyone happy!

  5. Kristina Davis

    Fun Family Cooking Activity! We loved this cooking project with my 3 year old son. Absolutely delicious pretzels, too!! Will purchase again.

  6. Maria A

    These were really fun to make! And came out just perfect!!! Eating them freshly baked while they are still hot is such a treat! Highly recommended!


    These pretzyls are seriously fun and delicious. They are easy to make and a real treat for the whole family. Thank you Katinka!

    • Katinka Bencs

      Yay! That is what I am going for with the pretzels – fun, delicious and easy to make! So happy that you had an awesome experience with them!

  8. Amanda Hudes

    We LOVED these!
    I can literally compare these to the pretzels at basketball games, doughy, amazing…haven’t had a gluten big pretzel in like 20 years and I have finally found a healthier alternative that fits my diet as well!

    • Katinka Bencs

      WOW! Being compared to the real thing is the most amazing compliment! Thank you! I am so happy I could provide you with something you haven’t enjoyed for 20 years! 🙂

  9. Jessica

    I’ve had to go grain free recently due to GI health issues and it’s made me so sad because I LOVE pretzels. I cannot tell you how happy this mix made me. I’m not the best baker and even I could follow the recipe and made some delicious (and even pretty looking) pretzels. Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating a fresh pretzel I can eat!

    • Katinka Bencs

      Your review made my heart sing! Thank you! I am SO happy that I could share with you an alternative for your beloved pretzels that you can enjoy now on your GI-friendly, grain free diet!

  10. Beth Nydick

    THE BEST EVER!! SO easy to make and actually really fun to make with my teenagers. We laughed and had a great time trying to actually make the shapes. I reorder these over and over again!

    • Katinka Bencs

      Thank you so much for your stellar review! Am beyond happy to hear you found a fun, delicious and healthy activity with your teenagers! 🙂

  11. Sarah Bean

    I loved these! I had never attempted any kind of pretzel baking before. The instructions made it really simple. My first attempts weren’t pretty but they were sooo tasty. My family couldn’t believe they were gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free. We ate the first batch so fast, I made the next batch immediately. I’ll absolutely buy these again.

    • Katinka Bencs

      I am honored to be the first one to provide you with the ingredients to make pretzels for you and your family! I love that you all enjoyed them! The biggest compliment is always when people are all surprised that it is not just easy to make but also good for them! 🙂

  12. Eleni

    BEST PRETZELS I have ever had, without question!!! Katinka’s flour mixes are wonderful and her recipes are easy to follow. I am a fan and will continue to order. Being able to make a healthy treat is a blessing! Thank you Katinka!

    • Katinka Bencs

      Oh, yay!!! Music to my ears! : ) Thank you!! I am so so happy to hear how much you enjoyed the pretzels, Eleni!


    My mother-in-law used this mix to make cream puffs and they are amazing. She also made banana/cherry muffins which were also out of this world. Makes a light, fluffy texture.

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