My Favorites

My Favorites

Breadmaking Essentials

Unbleached Parchment Paper

To get your breads out easily you will need this. Unbleached, please.

Glass loaf pan

A simple, clean (non leaching) kitchen staple that will provide you with beautiful breads.

Handheld mixer

you will need this to mix the Better than Whole Wheat bread. It will have a very think dough. I love my KitchenAid, have been using it for 8+years!


The chickpea bread has such a light dough that you can just use a whisk to combine wet ingredients with the flour blend.

The Spatula!

I love a good silicone spatula! Cleaning out all dough from your bowl is a breeze and you can use it to flatten the top of the Better Than Whole Wheat Bread (when wet).

Essentials, a.k.a. my superfood cabinet:

Raw Cacao

I love this because it’s CHOCOLATE with loads of nutrients! We use it in smoothies, baking and making raw chocolate and truffles.

Raw Cacao Butter

I use it for homemade chocolate and also to give an amazing extra cholcolate-y scent to my smoothies!

Raw Cacao Nibs

Add this raw magnesium and antioxidant boost on top of your smoothie bowl, porridge or into your coffee. Yumm!

Chia Seeds

Best price for this no pesticide version of this nutrient powerhouse seed!

Goji Berries

The freshest, chewiest organic berries I have found so far!

Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil

Amazing robust flavor, clean, European, best value olive oil.

Organic Maple Syrup

High quality, best value, most nutrients if you are up for sugar.

Organic Full Fat Coconut Cream

Pure luxury! Makes THE best coconut yogurt! Hands down.

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil

The best flavor and highest nutrient content is from extra virgin oils. Coconut oil has to be organic to avoid bleaching.