Gluten Free Holidays

Create your festive and delicious holiday meals simply!

No one will be left out at your holiday table!

  • Are you endlessly scrolling to find the best fitting recipes to all dietary needs?
  • Are you challenged by planning a festive holiday menu that is healthy and creative?
  • Are you worried you will waste time, money and energy on trying to procure all the unusual ingredients and mixing different gluten / grain free flours and worrying how it will turn out?
  • Are you worried that your kids will load up on foods that makes you cringe even just looking at them?

Nourishing & Allergen Free

Imagine having a festive meal that your whole family can enjoy and you don’t worry about catering different meals to different dietary choices!

  • Clean
  • Organic
  • Nourishing – developed by a Culinary Nutrition Expert
  • All allergen, grain and refined sugar free

Easy To Make

We all deserve a smooth, joyful celebration this year! I want to help you to make it happen!

Gather in the kitchen and enjoy cooking and baking as a family experience – my recipes are so easy that your 3 year old can join in too!

  • You get the recipes and you don’t need a Gordon Bleu certificate to make these festive, beautiful, mouthwatering meals and treats!
  • You only need ingredients you already have in your pantry / fridge!

Festive And Delicious

No more longing for food you can’t have!

You can still indulge, without busting your healthy lifestyle!

No need to sacrifice at your holiday table or cringing when your child reaches for that cookie that is full of stuff you typically avoid.

  • These offers will satisfy your taste buds and even your pickiest eater will enjoy something nourishing!
  • My recipes are time, husband and kid tested!

To keep it simple, I created Holiday Bundles for you!

Create GLUTEN, GRAIN, all ALLERGEN and refined SUGAR FREE baked goods and various meals from my baking flour blends!

The bundles include blends and recipes that are:

  • Made from the highest quality, organic, whole foods based ingredients
  • Formulated by a Culinary Nutrition Expert
  • Hand crafted – each bag individually – with love
  • Cleanest baking flour blends that require staple ingredients you already have in your fridge and pantry
  • Carefully curated, super simple, creative recipes to turn the baked goods into festive meals / treats
  • The perfect gift for the foodie / mom / health nut / dieter in the family


Enjoy staples like casseroles and bread pudding again!


Does it get better than Gingerbread and Cinnamon Bread Rolls?


No one will be left out at your festive dinner table!

Buy one, Gift one – EXTRA GIFTS for you!

Make your festive meal planning even easier! Don’t look for a single holiday recipe anymore!

Festive recipe collections developed by a Culinary Nutrition Expert.

Holiday Treats (Recipe Collection – PDF)

Get my favorite allergen (and some grain) free, whole food based Treat recipes WHEN YOU BUY TWO bundles. It includes traditional American recipes and some European gems as well to provide not just a delicious and nourishing but a unique experience as well!

Holiday Menu (Recipe Collection – PDF)

WHEN YOU BUY THREE bundles I will also include my Culinary Nutrition Expert formulated, time, kid and picky eater tested, holiday meal menu! It has our all time favorite appetizer and oh, so festive soup, a vegan main meal option (to sub out the turkey if needed) and several unique sides.


These charcoal waffles are FABULOUS! I have a daughter who cannot eat gluten so we are always on the lookout for great products. I met Katinka at a wellness event and brought a bag home for my daughter. When I saw her taking photos of the waffles (and asking me to buy more), I knew we had a winner. As a mom who is concerned with nutrition and teaching my kids healthy habits, I feel like we can now all enjoy a waffle morning and also feel good all day. Thank you for making this amazing blend!!” – Charcoal Waffles

Elena Gormley

“Deliciousness and feel good/clean eating…it doesn’t get much better than that! Katinka’s pretzels are simply amazing!” – Better than Pretzel / Bagel


I’m obsessed with this chickpea bread. Who would have thought that something so delicious can be guilt free and healthy? I love eating it with avocado or with just butter, cheese and tomatoes. Another big plus – I’m always on the go with very little to no time to cook or bake so I was delighted to see how it easy it is to make the bread.” – Chickpea Bread


“Katinka’s chickpea bread was the perfect addition to our family meals. Everything about this bread was fantastic! First: The bread comes in a beautifully designed bag that is also the perfect size to store leftovers in (how clever!). Second: The recipe to make this new family favorite is so easy to follow that my 4 and 2 year-olds did almost all the work! Third: The bread smells amazing during the baking process which filled our home with happy anticipation. Last, but not least: the finished product disappeared from everyone’s plates within seconds! This mama was very proud that this healthy and delicious bread made it to our menu. Highly recommend!” – Chickpea Bread

Eszter Major-Rohrer

Absolutely delicious! This is by far the best gluten free (and better yet-grain free!) bread I’ve ever tasted! My kids love to help make the dough and watch it rise in the oven. Better Than Whole Wheat comes out with a perfect taste and texture every time. I love feeling confident that my family is eating nutritious bread while also supporting a local small business. Thank you Katinka!” – Better than Whole Wheat

Lynn Strong

Hi, Katinka,
I received the most generous, thoughtful package of your gorgeous mixes. We made charcoal pancakes this weekend—absolutely divine. How do you do it? Even my boyfriend was like: Wow, these are good! My sincere thanks, Katinka. You made our week. Wishing you a happy week.



Culinary Nutrition Expert and Founder of Katinka’s Nourishing Kitchen, Katinka Bencs, MS, MBA has nearly a decade of experience helping those with food intolerances enjoy meals with their family again.

After being a barely functioning 30-year old, burnt out corporate professional with various chronic illnesses to a thriving mother and business owner, Katinka used her eight years of experience in the health and wellness field to now dedicating her life to aiding others in living a vibrantly healthy lifestyle by giving them back their favorite staples that are not just healthy and nutrient dense, but also support healing from chronic illnesses.

Katinka is from Hungary where every meal includes bread in some shape or from. She formulated blends that bring the scent of freshly baked bread into the home without gluten, sugar, grain or any allergens – nothing but optimal nutrition.

She believes every bite counts and her clean, nutrient dense products reflect that.


What is included in the Gluten Free Holiday Brunch bundle?

The Gluten Free Holiday Brunch includes:
– Chickpea Bread blend
– Collagen Chickpea Bread blend
– a recipe card with two festive recipes
– a secret link to other brunch recipes you can make from these two blends.

What is included in the Gluten Free Holiday Family Baking Kit bundle?

The Gluten Free Holiday Family Baking Kit includes:
– Gingerbread Cookie blend
– Cinnamon Bread Roll blend
– organic powdered sugar for icing
– organic cinnamon coconut sugar for Cinnamon Bread Rolls
– 1 child sized rolling pin
– 2 unbleached parchment papers
– 1 piping bag
– 2 cookie cutters
– a recipe card with two festive recipes
– a secret link to other recipes you can make from these two blends.

What is included in the Gluten Free Holiday Dinner bundle?

The Gluten Free Holiday Dinner includes:
– Chickpea Bread blend
– Better than Whole Wheat blend
– a recipe card with two festive recipes
– a secret link to other dinner recipes you can make from these two blends.

Is everything gluten free?

Yes! All blends and recipes are gluten free, handmade in a facility without any allergens.

Are the blends safe for celiacs?
Yes! All blends and recipes are gluten free, handmade in a facility without any allergens.

Are all blends and recipes dairy free?
Yes! All blends are dairy free and you can substitute butter / ghee for coconut oil in all recipes.

Can the blends and recipes made egg free / vegan?
Yes! You can substitute eggs in all recipes for JUST eggs and butter / ghee for coconut oil.

Make this holiday simple, delicious and oh, so festive – and stay well nourished!